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January 2nd, 2013

Bhairav Sadhana

Out of all the Gods one thing is very unique about Lord Bhairava that’s his sadhana? Before we know Bhairav Sadhana we need to know what the meaning of sadhana. sadhana means a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal by saying that Lord Bhairava is the All mighty Sat-chit-ananada , who has taken the form of time. He is nothing different from The Almighty and that almighty is Ocean of Sat, ocean of Chit and ocean of happiness! So Lord Bhairava cannot be anything different from that ocean of happiness! Lord Bhirava is not a Tantrik mumbo jumbo or a cruel deity, but a manifestation of the almighty in the form of time.

His nature is Tamasi, i.e he takes you from Tamas to Moksh. He removes all your sufferings(Suffering is serious pain which someone feels in their body or their mind.), difficult problems, anxieties and greed. He is said to live on the crematory grounds because , he does not want to be associated with maya( the illusionary world). He is fast, His sadhana yields results very fast and he is said to be pleased with little practise also Particularly those who are poor and are in much need of help should worship him. That does not mean that the rich should forget him, not the rich can gain a lot by his worship, as they can get Moksh very fast. It is always advisable to first ask your Guru for permission before you start any Sadhana. Then after worshiping Lord Ganesha, your Family deities ( Kul devta and Kul Rashak) then begin Lord Bhairav Sadhana and success will be yours for sure!. Jai Bhairav Baba Ki!

About Lord Bhairav Temples

Kamakhya Temple, which is situated at the top of the Nilachal Hill at about 800 feet above the sea level. The entire temple complex not only comprises of many other temples but also a whole set of people connected with them. Apart from the main devi temple, it also comprises of some other major temples of devi Kali, Tara, Bagala, Chinnamasta, Bhuvanesvari, Bhairavi and Dhumavati.

There are some other temples of various goddess can be seen in the complex. They are the Sitala Temple, the Lalita Kanta Temple, The jayaDurga Temple , the Vana Durga Temple, the Rajarajesvari Temple, the Smasanakali temple, the kail temple of Abhayananda dharmashala and the Sankhesvari temple. There are five temples of Lord Shiva in the Kamakhya complex. They belongs to different forms of Lord Shiva like Kamesvara (Umananda), Siddhesvara, Amratokesvara (Heruka), Aghpra, and kotilinga (Tatpurusa).

The complex also contains three temples of Lord Visnu. They are as the Kedara (Kamalesvara), situated near the northern side of the main temple, as the Gadadhara, situated in the north-western direction of the Kamakhya temple, and as Pandunath, which is situated in the eastern foothills of Nilachal also kinown as Pandu.

Kamakhya (Kamachha) Devi Temple of Varanasi is one of the most famous and known temples in Varanasi. The most famous and known among the Shakti Peethams in India is Kamakhya Devi whose temple is at the Kamaksha suburb of Guwahati city in Assam. She is represented in Kashi in the neighbourhood named after her, Kamachha.

Here she resides in a temple, which is small but very popular among the local dwellers. Devotees believe that the goddess came to Kashi directly from Kamaksha at the request of one of her devotees from Kashi who by his arduous austerity and rituals persuaded the goddess to come and settle in Kashi. Her image is installed over an altar of Shri Yantra.

She is eulogised as one of the Shaktis (“great power”), and as one of the Yoginis. Among the devotees who are followers of Tantrism, Kamaksha Devi is the pre-eminent deity. During Navaratri, special decorations and celebrations are performed by the devotees…

The small temple of Krodha Bhairavar (the angry Bhairavar), representing one of the eight forms of Bhairava, the terrifying form of Shiva, who protects the inner city in all the eight directions, is situated near to Kamakhya temple. The popular Batuka Bhairavar Temple (Batuka means boy) situated very close at the east side . Batuka Bhairavar temple also has an idol of Ghrishaneshvar lingam representing one among the 12 Jyotira lingas of Shiva…

A little walk to the further west along the main lane is Vaidyanatha (“Lord of Physicians”), another among the 12 Jyotira lingas like the one mentioned above. Vaidyanatha, with many miracles to his credit, is very popular in the neighbourhood, which is named after Parli Vaijnath in Maharastra State…

List of Lord Bhairav Temples

Name of Tample and place



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