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LOVE IS DEVOTION - extreme love of God - goal of human life


January 8th, 2013

If we want to defined Bhakti so the best way to say that it is the extreme love of God. Why a man should love God is the question to be solved, and until we understand that, we shall not be able to grasp the subject at all. There are two entirely different ideals of life. A man on any country who has any religion knows that he is a body and a spirit also. But is a great deal of difference as to the goal of human life.

Love is Devotion

Love is Devotion

But in this new world, as a rule, people lay more stress on the body aspect of man, Those philosophers who wrote on Bhakti in India laid stress on the spiritual side of man, and this difference seems to be typical of the Oriental and Occidental nations. It is so even in common language. In the new world when speaking of death it is said, a man gave up his Ghost, in ancient a man gave up his body. The one idea is that man is a body and has a soul; the other that man is a soul and has a body. More intricate problems arise out of this. It naturally follows that the ideal which holds that man is a body and has a soul lays all the stress on the body. If you ask why man lives, you will be told it is to enjoy the senses, to enjoy possessions and wealth. He cannot dream of anything beyond even if he is told of it; his idea of a future life would be a continuation of this enjoyment. He is very sorry that he cannot continue all the time here, but he has to depart; and he thinks that somehow or other he will go to some place where the same thing will be renewed. He will have the same enjoyments, the same senses, only heightened and strengthened. He wants to worship God, because God is the means to attain this end. The goal of his life is enjoyment of sense objects, and he comes to know there is a Being who can objects, and he comes to know there is a being who can give him a very long lease of these enjoyments, and that is why he worships God.

On the other hand the old people idea is that God is the goal of life; there is nothing beyond God and the sense- enjoyments are the hope of getting better things. Not only so; it would be disastrous and terrible if man had nothing but sense enjoyments. In our everyday life we find that the less the sense enjoyments, the higher the life of a man. Look at the dog when he eats. No man ever ate with the same satisfaction. Observe the pig giving grunts of satisfaction as he eats; it is his heaven, and if the greatest archangel came and looked on, the pig would not even notice him. His whole existence is in his eating. No man was even born who could eat that way. Think of the power of hearing in the lower animals, the power of seeing, all their senses are highly developed. Their enjoyment of the extreme; they become simply mad with delight and pleasure. And the lower the man also, the more delight he finds in the senses. As he gets higher, the goal becomes reason and love. In proportion as these faculties develop, he loses the power of enjoying the senses.

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Shri Batuk Bhairav

Om Hrim Bham Bhairavaya Namah

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