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Life is full of problems - Deep Faith In God - god is perfectly relational

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January 11th, 2013

Life is full of problems

Life and problems are just like friends but instead of being warrior we always want to run away from any problems. Life is full of problems. None of us is free from them except two the perfect being who has transcended them and the absolute idiot who cannot even understand them! All other human beings in between, at various levels of evolution, are beset with them. And, ironically, our modern world, notwithstanding all the progress we have made in science and technology, in spite of raising our civilization to higher level, has also multiplied them. If lack of basic amenities of life worries certain segment of the world society, a surfeit of them is threatening life on earth itself in other section. Problems and worries beget tensions. Tensions adversely affect the individuals, often forcing them to react more adversely. Natural’s legitimate ambitions of life, coupled with inexperience, make the youth particularly susceptible to these tensions. Smoking, alcoholism, drugs sex-orgies and violent outbursts are just symptoms of a sick mind. Hence all human problems including those of the youth who are part of the human society , have to be tackled at a more fundamental level and a more and a more fundamental solution has to be discovered.

Deep Faith In God is the fundamental solution of all problems

Faith trust-god changes everythingThis is exactly what the Rishis of yore (the seers of India who rediscovered sanatana dharma, the ‘Eternal Religion’, popularly called ‘Hinduism’ and propagated it) have done. A fundamental solution has got to be true and valid for all time. Their solution is: DEEP FAITH IN GOD, and cultivation of the concomitant virtues. If we want to lift a load, we should first stands on a firm base which will not collapse or yield under the weight of load in the process of lifting it. Deep faith in god provides us with such a firm base, stationed in which we can successfully tackle all our problems.

This solution is neither ludicrous nor ‘ostrichism’ camouflaged in an attractive language. Life is serious business .so are its problems. So should be the solution too. And, this remedy has been tasted over the millennia and found to works. Why not then, give it a fair chance?

Hindu concept of god is perfectly relational

One thing must be made clear at the very outset:

The Hindu concept of god is perfectly relational. The god of Hinduism is neither the ‘opium of the masses’ nor an extra-cosmic Being. He is the supremely intelligent power that evolves universe out himself, in the ultimate analysis ,this whole universe is identical with him. Modern scientific research is slowly tending toward the fundamental unity of the whole creation. Particle physics has brought us to the borderland of metaphysic .Hence we assert that this Hindu concept of god is perfectly rational.Again this god is not only an intelligent power but also a personality, endowed with all the virtues that we can ever imagine, to an imaginable extent. It is this that makes him extremely dear to the human heart. This we learn from our Vedas , Upanishads and Gita , the ‘textbooks’ our religion .Belief in them is a must ever as a tyro venturing into the field of the study of physical science has got to believe in all that a standard textbook of that subject says.

Can belief in god help us solve our problems?

But how on earth can this belief in god help us to solve the problems of our life? Well! To solve our problems we need to basic things: wisdom that discovers the right solution and the strength to implement them. We get both these and much more if we have the faith in god and pray to him sincerely. Then, just as the electrical energy from the generating station flows into our bulb when the switch is put on, or, the water of the town reservoir flows into our buckets when the tap is turned on, even so, great wisdom and tremendous strength will flow into us by faith and prayer enabling us to tackle our problems effectively. The beauty is that the divine inflow is directly proportional to the intensity of prayer and faith!

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